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Premier Concrete Polishing & Restoration Services | West Michigan


Concrete restoration is the process of repairing old or damaged concrete to bring it back to its original appearance. There is, however, a difference between concrete repair and concrete restoration. While concrete repair fixes structural issues with concrete, it does not pay attention to the aesthetics like concrete restoration. The biggest advantage to concrete restoration is that it is cheaper than new construction. Because of this, it is easier for businesses to stay on top of concrete repairs while preventing more damaging issues in the long run. 



Concrete finishing and polishing is a multi-step process where a concrete floor is ground down using metal bond or ceramic diamond tools, and then covered with a coat of sealer that gives the concrete its glossy finish. 

Concrete Restoration West Michigan
Concrete Finishing & Concrete Polishing West Michigan

Cream Finish

Concrete Finishing & Concrete Polishing West Michigan

Exposed Aggregate Finish

Concrete Finishing & Concrete Polishing West Michigan

Polished Acetone Stain


Costs for polished concrete will vary by square footage, preparation needed and the complexity of the project as well as the refinement of the finish. RTS has one of the most competitive pricing in West Michigan, please contact for personalized quote.


  • Check reputation and references

  • Verify their insurance

  • How long the project will take

  • Compare prices

  • Ask about warranties


  • For maintenance purposes the floor should to be regarded similarly to a semi porous limestone product.

  • The floor is alkaline in nature and will react strongly to acids.

  • The floor has been sealed with an impregnating sealer product, designed to prevent contaminants from being drawn into the floor. The contaminants remain active on the surface to allow for easy clean up, if cleaned straight away.

  • The floor should be cleaned with Easy Care. Only Easy Care or neutral cleaners should be used.

  • A micro fibre mop is an excellent way to pick up dust, dirt and hair. It can be used wet or dry.

  • A light buff (medium coarseness nylon pad) is acceptable when it is necessary.

  • The floor will increase in lustre the more it is cleaned and buffed.

  • Things spilt on the floor need to be removed and cleaned immediately.

  • Difficult stains can be cleaned with undiluted Easy Care or a product similar to Lithofin MN Power Clean, or for engrained Oil we recommend Lithofin Oil Ex.

  • Please remember that this is a natural stone product and should be treated as such. Polished concrete is a very hardwearing surface and with regular cleaning and care, will provide a lifetime of aesthetically pleasing, environmentally caring and trouble free use.


Please contact us today to discuss our innovative concrete solutions at 231.924.2474 or via email at

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