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Design Build Contractor Services | West Michigan


For many clients and projects, a Design/Build approach is the most effective construction delivery method. RTS Construction offers a staff of designers, pre-construction planners, estimators, and construction professionals who can design to your needs within your budget.


​We can also team with architectural partners to provide an integrated Design/Build approach. Our established relationships allow us to assemble the best possible team given the specific requirements and objectives of your project. The Design/Build construction requires mutual trust and a comprehensive understanding of the relationship between your requirements, goals, and capacity.

Commercial Design Build West Michigan


Being a part of the entire process offers residential clients several advantages by using a design build contractor. Costs and time are reduced because the design build contractor is the single point of responsibility. They communicate best a shared goal between the different vendors with less back and forth time over budgets and scheduling while ensuring a more continuous flow during the remodeling process. 


With larger, commercial projects, design build offers many advantages to the construction process for our commercial clients. Duplicate communication between the design and construction team is diminished, saving time and miscommunication. If at any point, changes need to be made on the structure or design of the project, the architect and builder coordinate together, minimizing mistakes and subsequent costly changes.  

Residential Design Build West Michigan


The Design-Build Process has many phases, but unlike other construction methods, the phases overlap. All team members collaborate throughout the entire process to provide swift project delivery.



When we meet with the client, our goal is to understand their vision, budget, core needs and expectations. Communicating clearly is the main goal of this step to avoid issues later in the process.



During this phase, architects, engineers, contractors and other consultants will work together to assess current structures in order to determine what needs to be done before construction can begin. These assessments allow for a thorough analysis of the construction site, which helps the design-build team maximize efficiency throughout the project.


While it is the longest step in the entire design build process, this is where all of our clients' ideas come to life. By designating the responsibility to a single firm, the design build construction delivery method eliminates the need for two separate bidding processes. This ensures that our clients never have to mediate between an architect and a contractor.


The design build process wraps up with a post-construction meeting. This includes a walk-through of the completed facility, a transfer of core documentation, and training sessions for owners and members of the facility management team.


Once the parameters have been defined, the architectural design phase can begin. Here project vision, pricing estimates and initial building drawings are presented as well as defining expectations of the project. Once agreements, necessary decisions and accommodations are made, our team can begin construction.

If you are considering a Design/Build construction or renovation project, please contact us today at 231.924.2474 or via email at and we can put our team of experts to work for you!

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