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Self Performing General Contractor Services | West Michigan

We are a licensed and insured builder and our ability to safely self-perform critical trades enable us to maintain the highest standards of quality control, on-time delivery, and accurate budgeting.

From concrete coring and general trades to commercial custom painting, RTS has the capability to complete critical components of the construction scope. Our craft and trade professionals are talented and experienced team members that take great pride in their work. We also maintain an extensive fleet of construction equipment and specialized mechanics that enable our team to work efficiently and ensure the highest levels of productivity.

Self Performing General Contractor-West Michigan
Self Performing General Contractor-West Michigan


  • Saving time- The variety of established skill sets enables our self-performing general contractors to complete tasks at a more efficient pace.

  • Saving money- Our knowledge of task related materials ensures that our self-performing general contractors can estimate an accurate budget for clients. 

  • Controlling quality- Self-perform crews that have worked together on project after project yield high quality products through efficient methods.

  • Ensuring safety- When an experienced self-perform crew works on project sites, they follow and enforce the lead contractor’s safety standards.

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